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The Kanagawa Taekwondo Association provides Taekwondo instruction for all ages. Instructors Master Hirokazu Shiokawa and Hisashi Kondo are former Olympic athletes (Seoul and Barcelona Olympics, respectively). Master Shiokawa was also the coach of Olympic Bronze medalist Yoriko Okamoto (Sydney Olympics). He personally instructs classes held at Nara Kindergarten.

There is a relaxed atmosphere at the classes, which are competition-oriented. If you are looking for a Taekwondo/martial arts school in the Shinyurigaoka area, then stop by for a free lesson. Classes are carried out in Japanese, but if you need help with the language aspect, there is usually an English-speaker around. Send us an e-mail in advance if you are worried and want to make sure someone will be there that can assist you in English.


What's New

Website now in English!

2010/04/19 (Mon)

The Kanagawa Taekwondo Association website is now available in English.